Gmsh screencasts

Creating a 3D model using constructive solid geometry (new in Gmsh 3.0)

We create a simple part by computing the boolean difference between a block and a cylinder and applying a parametric fillet. We then rotate three copies of the shape and unite them all, and apply one more fillet. As the geometry is constructed, commands are automatically added in the bool.geo file, which is available here. See demos/boolean for more constructive geometry examples.

Creating a simple 3D model using a bottom-up approach

We start from scratch and create a simple 2D geometry interactively, by defining points, lines and surfaces. We then extrude the surfaces to create the final 3D model. The resulting file is available here.

Post-processing scalar and vector datasets

We reuse the model created above, where we added two physical groups so that the mesh can be used with the GetDP solver. We also added a few parameters; the resulting model is renamed elastic.geo and is available here. We then run a linear elastic solver to compute displacement modes of the structure, and we perform some post-processing operations interactively. The GetDP solver file is available here.

Using several (sub) windows

This short screencast shows how you can use multiple windows or subwindows to visualize different models and/or post-processing views.

Other screencasts

Many other screencasts produced by Gmsh users are available on YouTube. For example check out the QuickerSim tutorials:

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